Stickney Hill Road bridge CLOSED until further notice.  click for details

The required engineering has been completed to use the culvert prepared for Briar Hill on Stickney Hill.  Our contractor has been very cooperative and has adjusted schedules to accomodate the Stickney Hill Road work.  As soon as we receive approval NH DES to install, work will begin.  We are still planning to have the road open by snow fall.

(This is the culvert near the intersection of Farrington Corner Road and Stickney Hill Road between Farrington Corner Road and the Concord town line. - See map below).
Effective immediately the Stickney Hill Road bridge is closed. Since the last inspection the metal culvert has deteriorated greatly and more quickly than expected so the state has ordered it closed.
This bridge has been on the state "red List" for several years and for the last 5 years we have been on the state bridge aid list, but funding is still out several years.
We are working on a temporary solution, but plan on the bridge being closed for a number of months.  We will update you as more information is available.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

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